Thursday, 3 November 2011

CAREFUL! Paypal Spoof!

These days, I get numerous scam/spam/phishing emails every single day.
Most of the time, I can tell by the 'suspcious' titles they have.
But few of them looks deceiving.

I got this one email from an address claiming to be "PayPal". The address was
It says that my account was hijacked and so the account will be limited in use. If I want to revive it, I should click on a link.

Hmmmmmmmmmm. Until the 'link' part, I was so shocked and believed this email was real.
BUT hmmmmmmm.... the link??? when you hover over (without clicking) the link you see the address on the bottom of the window, right? it wasn't as I expected but something I don't recognize.
it was: so on
Hmmmmmmmm, very curious.... suspicious....

So I opened a new window, typed papal address, logged in, changed pw, and actually called customer center to check if my account was actually in trouble or not. It turns out, no one hijacked mine, yet.

Then I got a few emails from paypal cs, and their email address was: you see the difference??

it's the first letter! legit paypal email address has no capital letter! lol

For your own safety, always be on alert! check email address, check links before clicking!
If for some reason your gut tells you 'no no' for any email you get, delete it!

Click on the following image if you want to see more details on this email.