Thursday, 3 November 2011

CAREFUL! Paypal Spoof!

These days, I get numerous scam/spam/phishing emails every single day.
Most of the time, I can tell by the 'suspcious' titles they have.
But few of them looks deceiving.

I got this one email from an address claiming to be "PayPal". The address was
It says that my account was hijacked and so the account will be limited in use. If I want to revive it, I should click on a link.

Hmmmmmmmmmm. Until the 'link' part, I was so shocked and believed this email was real.
BUT hmmmmmmm.... the link??? when you hover over (without clicking) the link you see the address on the bottom of the window, right? it wasn't as I expected but something I don't recognize.
it was: so on
Hmmmmmmmm, very curious.... suspicious....

So I opened a new window, typed papal address, logged in, changed pw, and actually called customer center to check if my account was actually in trouble or not. It turns out, no one hijacked mine, yet.

Then I got a few emails from paypal cs, and their email address was: you see the difference??

it's the first letter! legit paypal email address has no capital letter! lol

For your own safety, always be on alert! check email address, check links before clicking!
If for some reason your gut tells you 'no no' for any email you get, delete it!

Click on the following image if you want to see more details on this email.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Be aware of False Silkiness!

Have you ever used a skincare or makeup products
that gives you the "soft & silky" finish to them?
It probably has dimethicone (or silicone) on the ingredient list.

Let's start with a brief biology and chemistry note from dear wikipedia :D exciting......................


Polydimethylsiloxane, also known as silicones or dimethicone.
It is widely used in variety of industries and has strong hydrophobic ('water-fear') tendancy.
In cosmetic uses, it leaves the soft and silky touch to the skin, almost feels like the skin is coated with smooth layer with a sheen. (Sometimes, if you put too much on, it peels away like eraser bits)

Pores (sweat glands - shown in yellow and blue curly tubes) are located throughout your body except in very few places. Its primary function is to excrete sweat to control the body temperature. If they're not cleaned on regular basis, dust and dead skin cells along with bacteria can be trapped in, causing break-outs.

Personally, I knew that my skin is not fond of anything with dimethicone in it.
I learned it after using a makeup primer that contains it.

And yet, I still wanted to try some product to minimize the pore :(
So, I secretly hoped that my skin has adapted over makeups after years of usage and be able to tolerate some dimethicones. Once you put on a dimethicone-based product on your face, it feels like heaven. The skin is instantly glowing, smooth, and silky to touch. Looking perfect!

As mentioned, pores excrete your sweat out of your body. Pores are basically hollow holes or tubes that are opened to the environment. Dust, bacteria, makeup residues, dead skin cells and other undesirable things can easily accumulate in your pores.

But by covering or filling in those pores with a material that is strongly hydrophobic, your basically putting a plastic cap on top of each tube (pore), trapping everything inside :S Hydrophobic means it's water-proof, no water (ex. sweat) goes in or out.

After about 5 hours of wearing a dimethicone-based product, I cleaned my face. I was truly shocked. All my pores around my nose and cheeks are bumpy (ie.whiteheads), and some have broken out looking red and inflamed.

I tried my emergency routine and they went away within 2-3 days but I still have few of them left on my face ;( stubborn ones... they're hard to get rid of!

Here are some examples of ingredient list. I know and have used these products but I'm not so sure about revealing their names. But those ingredients in red boxes are based on dimethicone substance, the red signals for me.

Oh the second list is the product that caused me the worst trouble EVER... I see now why it is... It was basically.... a silicone tube... :S

BE AWARE of Dimethicone/silicone/Polydimethylsiloxane!
 It CAN cause break out!
Always read over the ingredient list before you try or buy product of interest!

Say No to false silkiness

Monday, 3 October 2011

Have you ever tried Wii dieting?

Well, I have started my new workout regime using Wii combined with Zumba.

I just started yesterday so I wouldn't notice any dramatic change in my body yet,

BUT OH, I have learned that workout can actually be FUN!

Current height / weight = 5'3'' (160cm) / 122 lb (55kg)

Plan = - 40min Wii workout games (Just dance, Wii fit, etc.) +10min (Zumba) everyday

            - Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a princess, and dinner like a beggar

            - Low intake in sodium

            - Drink 2L of water everyday!

- Lose 1lb/week

Goal = 92 lb (42 kg) after 30 weeks

Benefit is gone from Holt Renfrew?! :(

How sad :(
I liked the fact that HR carried Benefit (though Sephora also has it)... mainly because of the GWP program...
I remember the event held earlier this year (Feb 2011).... I think it was buy $50, and get 3 full sized items (Some kind-a gorgeous, Posie Tint, BADgal Lash) in a little pouch!
So I got high beam (highlighter) and Hello Flawless spf15 (powder foundation) to receive all of them!! +_+ I'll miss you, Benefit in HR

Posie tint, high beam, Hello Flawless spf15, Badgal lash,
and Some kind-a gorgeous in a pouch

Back of the pouch
Oh, this little pouch has proven to me of its usefulness!! +_+
 I can pack so much in for my travel!!


High beam & Hello Flawless spf15

HF=Hello Flawless / G= Some kind-a Gorgeous
Swatched with my finger. Some kind-a gorgeous is not really visible on the back of my hand since it matches the tone and it's really sheer.

L- Posie tint / High beam / Benetint - R
The texture of Posie tint and Benetint is different. Benetint is more watery as shown : )
High beam in the middle is an excellent highlighter with silver shimmer and pink-ish undertone. It can also be mixed with your foundation to give the dewy look!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

First posting

Yay! :)
Let's see... what I'm currently interested in?
lots of random things...

Dolly Wink Eyelashes 02

Falsies! I think this is Japanese... +_+ looks both natural + dramatic at the same time!

Elizabeth Pore's Care Cleansing Gel
 Another Japanese stuff, it's for the pores. It can be used before your nose strips. The gel heats up the skin a little to open up the pores!

MAC 2011 holiday sets

Ta-dah!! another MAC holiday set! I like those dazzleglasses and the brush sets!!